Monday, March 20, 2006

alllll alone

i feel like doing a Bridget Jones.

u know, sitting in my living room with a hugee box of chocolates, a huuugee box of tissues, watching a sappy movie and singing ALLL BYYY MYYYYYSELLFFF on the top of my lungs.

went to the city yesterday, it was soooooo packed :/

apparently there are 90,000 extra people in Melbourne now, i think all of them were in Federation Square on Sunday afternoon.

eeek. having to walk through all that would have been hell.

so we turned back in the direction of Melbourne Central and caught the train home rofl.

stopped by at Myer first to look at the people living in the display windows.

my photo taking skills suck so there's like a white line of light across all the display windows i took.

rofl, the guy making lunch. sushi if i'm not mistaken.

okay one more picture before i go mope and attempt to work on my Chinese :)

Mars Bar cake with ice cream at Angelucci's.

have some photos on Michelle's camera of the group of us. will get those later.


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