Friday, August 25, 2006


:D okie this blog is moooving to a new address


everyone pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase update your links!!!!

i suppose i'll keep this account around cause of all my old posts. meh. will miss this address slightly. but oh well.

so...see u guys on the other side! :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006


okay my last post has gone *poof* again.

i think its time to move to soon as i think of a 'cool' enough blog address/find a suitable blog template/tweak new template to my liking.

blogspot doesn't work in China anyway.


Week 6 is coming up. time to start stressing about major assignments due.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Krispy Kreme Road Trippin'

this post is dedicated to Maslin Amir who says she will come to Melbourne for the Krispy Kreme but has yet to do so.


the type of friends I have.

on to happier things :P

decided to actually take pictures when we went alllllll the way to Narre Warren this time. i hate all you people who live in cities where having a Krispy Kreme is normal.

yah deiiii :D

should've taken a photo of the 'Hot Krispy Kremes Baking Now' sign.

first step in the Krispy Kreme process and look! its got a fancy name.


proof box. tuh.

2nd part of the process (i think they left out baking), flipping.

at least that makes sense, they flip the donuts in the metal thing so it fries (bakes?) on both sides.

the best part!!!! GLAZING!!!! :D

look at all the shiny donuts coming out of the other side :D


i swear arnold made me take this photo.

and he also came up with a caption.

'why you shouldnt eat too many Krispy Kremes'

damn mean right.

the super mean/poser boyfriend who made me switch places with him because in the first photo i tried to take the sun was behind him.

vain siao.

:D 6 original glazed, 4 blueberry and 2 strawberry filled.


Sunday, August 13, 2006


on the one day that i decide to do housework i have to fall sick. more specifically, i have food poisoning.

think its cause of that undercooked egg i had with my indomee the other day. right. i'm staying away from eggs and indomee for the next month or so at least.

the boyfriend is finally coming back from KL tonight :D and he's bringing nip/tuck season 3 along with him

yup. thats the real reason i'm happy arnolds back :D

if i'm stuck at home the next few days cause *touch wood* food poisoning gets worse, at least i'll have a good show to keep me company

Saturday, August 12, 2006


am still feeling quite sick from too many drinks last night. i should really learn to eat dinner. not that i was planning to drink but um...yeah that plan just went down the drain.

captions under photos lah. lazy to write more than that, still trying to suppress the upchuck reflex.

pre clubbing camwhore session :D

wendy and me (note: big grin on face no doubt caused by half drunkedness, wendy on the other hand looks quite sober...)

lucky russell :D (L-R) janet, wendy, russell, me and vivien

me, russell and gavin. ack. i see the beginnings of a double chin already :(

russell and vivien. poor russell's been drinking non stop since he got here from the states hahaha

janet and me :)

janet, me and Calvin who just happened to be there and got pulled into the picture :D

wendy, janet and me. yup. am definitely half pissed in this photo.

okie dok am headed back to bed now. stomach is getting upset at me again :/

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cupcake Making # 1

cupcake making attempt 1 is a complete disaster due to the following reasons:

#1. batch number one was slightly burnt. never mind that, when i took them out of the oven and attempted to remove them from the tray, batch number one fell apart. not good.

#2. first attempt at making icing did not go well. at all. i'm usually quite alright with baking because its the only type of cooking that gives detailed instructions. decided to forego instruction reading this time for some reason.

icing is now granulated, bright blue gunk that doesnt look appetizing at all.

#3. batch number two actually turned out alright. until genius me decides to spread above said icing on it. attempt to scrape off icing resulted in the tops of cupcakes batch number two splotched with funny blue patches. above said icing went back on.

sigh. whoever heard of someone being on a downward sloping learning curve in the kitchen????

contemplating just scraping the whole mess into the dustbin and leaving the washing up for tomorrow.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


why do all the Idol shows insist on making fun of at least one Chinese person??

on that note, Australian Idol auditions have started :D