Wednesday, March 01, 2006

uni update

it's been pretty fun so far.

have attended all my classes save on lecture which i thought wasn't on in first week so that doesn't really count :P

i have almost no complaints about my lecturers this year, my microeco one actually encourages student participation during lectures and gives out like bars of chocolate to people who answers questions so he's by the far the best in my book at the moment.

the worst would have to be my AFR lecturer who sounds like a broken record when he speaks. that and AFR lectures are in the afternoons and everyone's usually sleepy by then. i literally fell asleep for a couple of seconds in my seat before my head jerked.

went for dance sport today in union with loey! the tango and the foxtrot are really complicated so we've decided that we're gonna stick with swing or hip hop this semester instead.

have ALMOST seen everyone back here, caught up with lysh, wen and may today. ahem. on that note, i've never seen wen so excited to pick up a phone call, nearly tripping over a chair in the process and then blushing furiously after.


i swear he's hiding things from me. but no worries. i'll find out what it is :D

amount of readings has been piling steadily so i ought to go get started on that soon.


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