Saturday, March 25, 2006

strawberry picking and alpacas

went to Sunny Ridge in Mornington Peninsula today to do some strawberry picking :D

we were meant to leave melbourne at like 1045 but ended up leaving around 12 instead so ended up there at 1 (just in time for lunch haha)

i remember reading a book once about a boy who bought a carton of fresh strawberries and ate them all without washing them and then died like 2 days after that of polio cause they were fertilised with horse manure.

ever since then i've been religious about washing my strawberries.

this sign didn't help my paranoia much either.

but then i saw this...

wahh :D


soooo many strawberries to pick :D

spent a very happy half an hour in the field picking the reddest, sweetest looking strawberries.

even the insects and the strawberry juice spattering all over my feet didnt bother me :D

nyeh nyeh :D

they all actually taste really sweet too :D

while we were up there bought my sister some liquer for her birthday and some freshly made jam for my mum to bring back in april.

after picking strawberries we were gonna head back to the city but then we passed by the Red Hill country fair so we decided to stop by.

one of the main attractions there was alpacas


they were sooo many in different colours and different hair lengths!

si beh smelly i tell u...

eeeeeee :D scratchy alpaca!!

the other brown one behind him was trying to hide from my camera. everytime i whipped it out it hid behind the light brown and white ones.

we stayed around and watched this guy shearing a sheep as well

the sheep was scared to death of the shaver so he stayed quite still while the guy sheared off all the wool

walked around some more and saw this event where they were making dogs jump a 3 feet wall.

i kid you not.


grr stupid man in straw hat moved in the way of my camera. but check out the dog clearing the log wall!

stayed around a bit more to catch the 'Grand Parade' which turned out to be nothing but cows, horses and sheep being led around an oval.

finally headed back to melbourne :D

first thing we did was dig into the strawberries!

even shinju wanted some but he didnt get any lol

awww :)


Blogger KE said...

Berries!!!. I went on a biology trip where lots of wild raspberry bushes grew a few years ago. The berries didn't stay in my hands long enough to be washed =) The dog's really cute.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

lol yah i was quite tempted to eat them also but i didnt wanna be sick :(

thanks! shinju's an alaskan malamute :) he's like really huge

3:47 PM  

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