Saturday, February 18, 2006

Seperation Anxiety

It's finally kicking in. a week before i go back to Melbourne and leave everything (namely Justin and my extra comfortable bed) behind.

part of really wants to get back into uni and start soaking up information, my brain feels like it's rusting away at the edges and a tutorial/lecture is just what i need to jumpstart it.

and then of course it'll realise it doesnt really like working that much and go back into the semi comatose state that i'm usually in throughout semester.

but hey. i'll deal with that when i come to it.

summer holidays have been great :) a lot of firsts for me and Justin (ew ew ew sap!) and the summer job was interesting to say the least.

amazingly i've gone 3 whole months without a huge bust up with mum (although she has thrown the proverbial cow an amazing number of times) which is nothing short of miraculous.

i'm gonna miss being driven around, having to take public transport to uni is gonna be a bitch. will definitely be taking driving lessons when i get back again if only to improve my parking :P

will also FINALLY be in my second year of uni which means more hard work. i need a H2A average across my majoring subjects if i wanna get into honours.

aaargh :( i dont wanna leave summer holidays behind. the 3 months which i thought were gonna span ages is finally coming to an end.

nOoOoOoOooOo :(


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