Wednesday, May 10, 2006

this blog is dying...

its been pretty boring so far no?

weather updates, stressing about assignments. the usual stuff.

have been home the past 2 days because of a bladder infection which is bad really cause now i've got heaps of tute work to catch up on and i can't slack at the moment, exams are wayyy too near for comfort.

the antibiotics are just starting to kick in which means i can go for class today and not feel guilty about wasting 95 dollars per hour of class missed.

yeah, my kiasuness has reached a whole new level. i embrace the singaporean in me okay!

will be booking my Ls test for this Friday or Saturday, think it's about time i got my license, everyone's (or more likely people who want free rides) been bugging me about it for ages.

two big 21st birthdays to celebrate this weekend but i dont think getting wasted is on the agenda or anything.

and since i haven't posted pictures in a long time...

random picture of St Paul's Cathedral at night.

err i dont know why 3/4 of roy's cousin is in it.

oh and this is long overdue..


happy now? :P


Anonymous Tiffany said...

Bladder infection? o_O Dang.. that must suck. *pats* Get well soon!

4:15 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

tiff: you have no idea >_< thanks though :)

5:20 PM  

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