Thursday, June 01, 2006


4 more days till microecons paper.

think i might just kill myself before then.

mum called yesterday and the first thing she does is ask me about my winter break.

my first thought was 'hai lat liao...i bet she's gonna make me go back'

and sure enough, my return ticket has been booked for the 24th of june. sigh.

i wanted to throw a hissy fit quite badly cause we'd previously discussed it and she said it was okay for me not to go back for winter as long as i did in september. but i think my mums quite lonely at home and 2 weeks at home won't be so bad i guess?

it'll probably be mostly wedding planning and dress fittings. i'll probably have fun being caught up in all that so no point making such a big fuss.

what really bugs me is how selfish my mum is sometimes, its like i dont have my own life to lead, anytime she wants me to do something i just have to do it with no question. i guarantee a huge argument with her when i'm back in KL.


i was really looking forward to winter break too :(


Anonymous Yan said...

My mom is coming over for winter...and while I love for her to be here, I can also imagine myself getting all stressed out. Like I'm not on the verge of breaking down already!

Whose wedding? Yours? :p

11:27 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

yan: sighs. mums.

noooo my eldest sister is getting married at the end of the year :D

12:07 AM  

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