Saturday, August 20, 2005

relationships and the lot

'well its simple, you say i love you when u want to go home with someone and when it gets messy u say i dont love you anymore'

watching Bewitched (on my new tv and dvd player!!!) and heard that from michael caine, couldn't stop laughing because that's really how it is.

(sorry, couldn't resist showing off, but its soooooo pretty and silver isn't it????)

relationships are really funny that way. you can end up being friends with a girl you've hated (although u've never officially met her) and find out that she's actually a very nice person (yes dear, stop gloating) and that you dont have anything to hold against her in the first place. all that really stood in your way and hers was a very nasty ex boyfriend.

you find that people you think you're friends with stab you in the back and not believe you when you tell them things they don't want to hear. it's a situation you never expect to be in, to see someone forego friendship for a boy she's known barely a year.

it's funny how you can end up with someone you never expected to, you look back seven years and you think how unlikely it is that you're going out with this person and yet for some reason, you are. it's funny how you think some couples that are gonna last forever dont, and some that just weren't meant to be together, stay together for four years and are still going.

yep :) life is funny that way. like these funny coloured mnms. i've never seen blue and purple ones before. when did they come up with these colours?????


Anonymous Justin said...

And you say you eat candy...pffft

The M&M mascot colours are red, yellow, BLUE and green lar!

and i do like gloating...its an essential part of relationships when u get to stand on top of ur other half and go "ssssseeeeeeeee i told you so!" :D

5:21 AM  
Blogger Ally said...

yah but when did mr. purple come in?????

:P not if u want to keep ur arm u dont

1:57 PM  

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