Monday, August 15, 2005

"ally is..."

got this from jason:

okay. this is what ur meant to do
  • go to google
  • type in "[yourname] is" (with quotation marks)
  • hit search
  • pick 5 results!
(again, the result of complete boredom...)

  1. Ally is "a person who is the member of the..." as important as it is to define what an Ally is in a positive sense
  2. An Ally is a member of a majority group who works to end oppression in his or her..." an Ally is an advocate when the oppressed group is absent by...
  3. Becoming an Ally is a process. Being an Ally is more than being a friend
  4. The success of the show and the "connection" that Ally is able to make with the American...What is not clear to me is if Ally is a critique or a model of...
  5. But Ally is so neurotic.
haha. i think the fifth one is my favourite.


Blogger thisguysplace said...

i like the 5th one too :p

7:10 AM  

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