Saturday, August 13, 2005

Random update

I have a 3000 word Creative Writing folio due at the end of the semester. I know it's a bit far away but i have to start thinking about what i'm going to write about. It can be on any topic I want. Any suggestions?

Justin's going back to KL on Monday, for some reason i'm not as upset as I was the last time he left cause it's only gonna be a month till i see him again. Plus, it's time to get started on readings + assignments that i've been neglecting since he got here :)

Was abnormally good this week, have been to (almost) all my classes this week. Skipped Creative Writing lecture again, Tony Birch is a bitch, I hate sitting for his lectures, they're not only boring but they reek of his overblown ego. So what if you've published some books lar, fuck off, if they were any good you would have made millions and wouldn't be lecturing 400 students in a university.

I promise there'll be a photo update soon but I haven't been anywhere interesting recently, ergo the lack of updates. We were meant to have gone to the zoo but we keep putting it off. Have yum cha with Justin's cousin tomorrow, which means another day in the city. Should cut down on spending though, perpetually short of cash.


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