Sunday, February 12, 2006

When will guys learn...

that Friendster messages like these are a fucking big turn off.

may i be a fren wif u?i am seriouly...if can u wan me
add u or u add me?my msn and frenster email
address C*********
oklar..remember to add me oh...take care..bye

like no you can't be a fren wif me and no i no wan u add me and no i wont remember to add you oh.


the dining room has been turned into a mahjong/fondue night area.

the fondue's really yum, think the chocolate's a bit too thick though.

on another note, i'm finally done with my internship :) was muchly fun and muchly great, i really did learn quite a few valuable lessons.

the first being don't trust anyone.

but anyway, those of you who get the r.age, 2 and a half pages of it were my hard work and sweat! the r.age team was particularly fun to work with so check out the latest edition everyone!

sigh :)

my media pass. we had good times :)


Blogger Chong Chung Fui said...

wow... even DA alison ong gets these random messages in friendster? somebody's popular... =P

3:10 PM  

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