Saturday, February 04, 2006

Work on a weekend?

i really should learn to not answer office phone calls over the weekend.

i thought it was brian calling about my monday article, but turned out to be phui yee instead.

finally joined the r.age team on friday, will be working with them for a total of one week (count it folks, ONE week) and i'm already swamped with work.

i have to say it's looking like it's going to be a fun experience really, niki and phui yee have been nice so far and i've already written in an assignment which constituted running around making phone calls.

but anyway.

they want me to write about my intern experience at the Star which shouldn't be a problem. i have oodles of intern experience but i doubt the public would really wanna hear about what goes on in the Star office.

the politics, the backstabbing, the bitching.

oh yeah. this'll make for a really good article alright.

now which matters more to me? getting the truth out there? or getting a good recommendation from the Star.



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