Thursday, April 06, 2006

Grand Prix 2006

stupid bruises on knees. pfft.

okie. now that we've got that outta the way, here are the very delayed Grand Prix pics!

whee! i love the big balloon thingie, its so cute.

there were so many things happening, the most exciting was probably the RAF plane that kept zooming over our heads but it was going way too fast for me to get a pic of it.

haha Ferrari fans all dressed up in Trojan helmets.

too bad both Ferrari's crashed out *snicker*

managed to take some shots of the cars zooming by :D

after the race we went out onto the track and saw people picking up pieces of Jensen Button's car that crashed like 2 minutes earlier.

it was so crowded at the pits, there were like siao langs trying to climb the fence to get to the drivers

tried to stand as tall as possible to get a glimpse of Raikonnen at the McLaren pits but no such luck :(

arnold took the second photo which explains why it sucks lalalala :P

lol yup thats all i have for now, its a pretty sad collection i know. kinda regretting not taking more but oh well.
dinner now!


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