Saturday, April 01, 2006

it was the perfect start to the weekend

afternoon out at max brenner with the boys, pancakes at pancake parlour and a movie at Jam Factory.

who knew i was gonna end up sporting 2 spectacular bruises on my knees and being half scared to death?

*cue dramatic music*

so i was walking along the roads on chapel and it was rainy so everything was slippery.

we were crossing a junction and i didnt even realise i had slipped and fallen on my knees in front of a car.

the car didn't realise that i had fallen and continued moving (pretty slowly otherwise the story would have had a different ending) right into my butt.

the driver was still on his P license and there were coppers opposite the road so he was pretty scared, stuck his head outta the window and checked whether i was okay and everything but he didnt exactly get DOWN.

and that, was how i ended up with swollen knees (the right ones marginally worse than the left)

*end dramatic music*

i was quite distraught about the whole incident, not because i was physically hurt or anything, i was really glad that the car wasn't just zooming outta the junction.

i was more emotionally unstable (f that's the right term) and really scared cause i kept thinking like what if the car hadn't stopped or what if it had been moving faster, i probably wouldve ended up with more injuries.

ended up at home with ice packs on both my knees but that didnt seem to help the swelling or the bruising.

they felt okay when i got outta bed this morning but then i started walking and dood, i'm not looking forward to growing old and having joint aches man. it felt like my entire leg was throbbing just cause of the bruises on each one.

on a happier note, V for Vendetta was a really good show :) my only complaint is that there wasn't a cute guy in it (superficial superficial me) but i completely fell in love with it otherwise!

i can't wait for ice age 2 to come out, i swear its gonna be hilarious.

aight gonna ice my knees more and hope that the bruise doesnt get any more colourful tomorrow! nights!


Anonymous Tiffany said...

O_O Shit, good thing he wasn't speeding then! You poor thing. :\ Hope you feel better soon.. both knees and trauma :P *hugs*

12:25 PM  
Blogger x said...

Makes you thankful about life just that much more *Makes small distance with index finger and thumb of the left hand*

7:40 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

tiff: thanks :) the trauma's all good and the bruises on the knees will go away

x: lol i'm sure it was never a life and death situation but would've had really serious consequences if he WAS going faster...

10:29 PM  

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