Tuesday, April 11, 2006

mid sem stress

was told by 4 seperate people today that i looked completely shitty. thanks alot.

i finished my assignment at 4.30am last night and for the first time in a week i felt so relieved.

it means that tonight i can finally sleep without worrying about it.

assignment aside.

i dont know how to put what i'm feeling into words. i guess i'm disappointed at the things that could have been and hurt that i could have been so badly misinterpreted.

so maybe thats only my side of the story, maybe just maybe i havent exactly been the best of all girlfriends. maybe its time to take a step back and take stock on whether we should cut our losses before the situation deteriorates any further.

i love my friends for standing by me even though they're aware they have no objectivity in the matter.

you once told me that all relationships come to a natural end. is this ours?


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