Monday, June 05, 2006

1 down 4 to go

microecons sucked shit.

i spent quite a bit of time kicking myself for not paying attention to tutorial work and quite a bit of time staring at the ceiling (and i dont mean that metaphorically, anyone who's been in the REB will know why i was so distracted)

i hate talking to people when i get out of the exam hall.

it usually goes something like this:

'eh so how'd you go?'
'okayla not too bad i guess'
'really ah? but there wasn't enough time to complete the paper! and you know ah, question C3 i forgot to subtract the marginal cost from the total payoff and then calculated the Nash equilibria wrongly but i get consequential marks right? and then for the question about price discrimination, i think bundling the 3 prices would have been better but i'm not sure cause i didnt know how to do the calculations!!! what did you get?'


okay what is the point of stressing out after u've done the exam??

midnight trip to chris's place last night (or should i say this morning) cause it was his 21st.

birthday boy!

bugger threw up after downing bacardi and coke. wuss.

got other pictures but lazy lah.

gonna go drown my sorrows in ice cream and peanut butter instead.


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