Thursday, June 15, 2006

lacking concentration

paper tomorrow is really bugging me out.

i'm not grasping the actual issues that i need to understand, the 'hints' that my lecturer gave us (that seemed really generous at the time) seem really broad.

couldnt he have narrowed it down further?! :(

if i dont get this done by 130, i'm not gonna be able to watch the England/TrinidadandTobago match :(




has anyone seen the Nike ads for this World Cup season by the way?

i know its annoying to post videos and whatnot on blogs but its SO good, everyone has to watch it!

[okie i just tried to post the youtube thingie but it doesnt work so ill just leave you guys with the link]


this is the second in a series of 2 ads, the first one is longer and makes the old man more annoying.



Blogger Chong Chung Fui said...

guess whose back in kl? =P

9:24 AM  

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