Monday, August 22, 2005


i dont know who to smack over the head more lor. Alonso who overtook Montoya or Montoya ran wide on the turn and let Alonso overtake him or Monteiro who made Montoya spin off the track and lose time to Alonso.
either way, McLaren's been denied another 1-2 finish and i'm quite miffed. it looked like a pretty straight win until Monteiro decided to be stupid. oh well. shit happens? i don't know. i'm still pissed off. it should have been a straight McLaren victory!
first victory at the Istanbul track to a McLaren though so i guess that balances the miffed-ness a bit.
whee! pretty exciting race really :) not regretting staying up for it.
did i mention i looooove Kimi Raikonnen?? :D


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