Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Cover of Female!!!

yay! my female magazine is here! which also means justin is here (because he brought it over) so double yay! spent the whole day with him today :) i love the fact that he's around, we spent the day in the apartment today just chilling out cause we were both tired, we went to max brenner to buy a birthday present for his dad (apparently he likes dark chocolate) and coincidentally, today is my dad's birthday too :D me and my sis bought him a shirt from MCM Studios :D anyway, after that had to go get other stuff (pimple cream for my sister *rolls eyes* etc) so we walked around a bit more and headed back to his place...went to crown for a bit after that too.

anyway! the reason i'm so excited about this months female is because...*drumroll*



okay. i'm kidding, amber chia isn't entirely the reason i'm excited about female. the real reason i'm excited is because...

OF THE JEWELLERY SHE"S WEARING! *note garnet earrings and amethyst pendant*

yup! it's my sister's jewellery! i can't believe Amber Chia is wearing it!!!

she's also wearing our rhodocrosite ring! aieee!!!

there's also more stuff inside the magazine!! quotes from my sister and stuff!

it appeared on some other models as well but i was lazy to take photos of all of them, plus my camera couldnt really focus on the rings they were wearing. these are all the charm bracelets that my sister has been busy making!

sigh :)

anyway, after a long tiring day out with justin i decided to reward myself with

a large slice of strawberry cheesecake with lots of cream on the side.

fattening siao. but oh well. mmmm :D put back all the calories i've taken off walking around the city today. tee hee!


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