Monday, August 22, 2005

Hello everyone, my name is Alison and i am a nail biter

it's a disgusting habit, i know. but i can't stop, i've been doing it since i was maybe 8? it's so frustrating cause everywhere i look people have pretty French manicured fingers, perfectly shaped and filed and my nails have been bitten down to (very ugly) stubs with no hope of ever growing out into nails that i can even shape.
almost everyone i know has come up with various methods to get me to stop, among them being
  1. putting disgusting tasting nail polish stuff on my nails. blah. this was mostly my sister. she tried to do the same to my brother in law (painting his nails) but yep. didn't work. for either of us. haha :D
  2. whacking me whenever i start to bite. ouch. but it didnt stop me anyway.
  3. putting scotch tape/band aids on my nails and not letting me take them off until i stop biting with the logic that once i see how ugly it is to have stuff perpetually all over it, i'd stop. it worked for about three minutes. then i ripped it all off.

i've come to the conclusion that unless there is a Nail Biters Anonymous out there with a super tough nail biting diet program, i'm not going to stop biting my nails any time soon. i realised, however, that i only bite my nails when i'm reading, the result being the nails on my right hand are bitten and the ones on my left aren't, cause i usually hold books with my left hand.

i think i'll put myself on a strict no-reading month just so i can grow out my nails for vanity's sake. then i'll be like those girls with the beautifully shaped/filed nails which are perfectly French manicured and will be able to attract any guy i want into doing anything i want :D

ahiak. u think my lecturers/tutors will take that as an excuse as to why i haven't done the reading for my assignments? *on that note, i really should get going on the readings for my Global Politics essay*

i'm procrastinating. thats why i've got a whole post on my nail biting problem. yep. off to work now. sigh.


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