Thursday, September 22, 2005

my life is brilliant, my love is pure, i saw an angel of that i'm sure...


well midvalley yesterday was a complete bust. had grumpy boyfriend in tow and didn't manage to shop as much as i'd liked. didn't find a nice pair of sandals for one thing and didn't find another flowy skirt for another. hmpf.
i did manage to buy my body shop lip balm though

strawberry smells the best :D
also bought a Paul Frank shirt from FOS (again). couldn't find the white one so had to settle for the green one instead.

tee hee :D Paul Frank with braces! me likey :D

also bought a pair of 3/4 pants from Romp.

nothing special also. sigh.

did manage to find a pair of skinny leg jeans that i want!!! my sister has oh-so kindly offered to buy them for my birthday cause she can't think of anything else to get me. think we're going to get them soon, am not sure.


Anonymous Tiffany said...

Eh eh eh how much was the lip balm?! I've been wanting to buy it but it's about AUD6 here.. how much is it in KL? My friend uses it and everytime I get a whiff of it, I feel like eating it. *_* Such a yummy smell!!!

10:39 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

hahahahha yah man damn expensive in australia.

then again, it's only 4 ringgit cheaper. hahahah it's like 13.95 here :)

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Tiffany said...

Hrm then I guess I'll go back to KL and buy it la.. if I actually remember to *_*

8:35 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

u want i get it for you then??

3:11 AM  

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