Thursday, September 15, 2005

happy very early birthday to meee!

BIRTHDAY DINNER NIGHT FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!! well. early birthday dinner night. my actual birthday isn't for another 2 weeks but since i won't be in melbourne around that period of time... :P

yay! finally managed to catch up with the girls, all of us met up at Chuji on Lonsdale. it's a pretty classy Jap Restaurant, the only thing that was bad was the ventilation. all of us came out smelling like smoke.

the food there was pretty good, we had a pretty vast array of things from calamari to raw beef, gyudon, agadashi tofu, chicken teriyaki and of course....sashimi...

i've never had sashimi before. raw fish! eyugh!! but anyway, everyone forced me to have a slice so...poop. i had to eat a really really tiny bit. drowned it in some wasabi and popped it into my mouth. still don't see whats so great about it! it tastes yucky, slimy and fishy.

haha amal at her place before we took the tram to chuji. aww and she's all dressed up!!! speaking of which...

this is what i wore! i know the picture's a bit blurry and justin says i'm sticking my tummy out but i really like the top so there. hmpf. bought it from quick brown fox during my bridge road shopping trip

molly had this drink called the 'Tsunami' which was a lychee mix sake drink. it was really nice, didnt taste alcoholic at all! it was only 4.5% though, she didnt have much trouble with it. i on the other hand

had boring tiger beer. i should've ordered asahi or sapporo but it just didn't cross my mind at the time i opened the menu. was really craving for a corona or a crown lager but since they didn't have it, i just picked the first beer that looked familiar to me

molly's coach bag. AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! I WANT!

me, molly, janet, julia and wendy. was a bit hesitant to put up the photo cause i looked a bit farnee...what to do. so not photogenic!

molly, me, wendy, jules! janet's very proud of this photos cause she thinks it showcases her photo taking skills. *cough*

waiting for the food to arrive. grrr. i was damn hungry okay. these tai tais made me wait like half an hour before they made their fashionably late entrances. and i'm supposed to be the birthday girl! *stomp stomp*

but they redeemed themselves with pressies! (see bottom lefthand corner of photo)

yay! they got me like tons of body butter and lipgloss tubes. just what i needed right? more clutter in the bathroom? but they all smell really nice. lol amal was saying i could use one body butter a day and smell differently each day of the week.

told you i wasnt photogenic.

sigh :) felt good catching up with the MLC bunch again, been ages since we've sat down and had a good laugh and talk with everyone around :) high school friends are always the best people to look up when you're in uni, you have heaps to talk about. lol in the car on the way back to amal's place, amal even suggested julia drive back to the boarding house so we could irk our old headmistress.

was overall a good night out. looking forward to more birthday celebrations at home!! (maybe this time with cake?)


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