Wednesday, September 14, 2005

imma gonna need therapy

my my. aren't i full of grouses this week. in true therapy fashion, i shall list out my grievances for today:

  1. i look like shit. i feel fugly. i don't know why the top of my head looks like a mushroom, my fringe is sticking up, my bottom layers are curled up all over the place plus am feeling completely frumpy in trackies and tank top. how am i going to make myself remotely presentable for tonight's dinner?

  2. i have shit loads of packing to do. you cant even see the carpeting on my bedroom floor, it's just covered with bags, sweaters, mom's hairdye and cream shit, ingrate eldest sister's EXPENSIVE cream shit, ingrate second sisters jewellery shit. there's no space for my clothes or books in my suitcase anymore.

  3. i have gas. *burp* haha can imagine everyone going 'ewwwwww' when they hear that. well, i'm a girl and at this time of the month i have every right to be disgustingfied and completely ungirl-like. i woke up this i mean afternoon fully intending to go for my last tutorial but end up running to the toilet to barf instead. grossed out yet?

  4. explain to me, how in my current state, i am going to wash the toilet and vacuum the carpet before tonight's dinner so that when mommy comes to visit, the place at LEAST looks slightly respectable.

  5. boyfriend is completely unsympathetic to all the above grievances. when i messaged him earlier, he calls back to tell me to get my lazy ass outta bed and haul it to uni. and then he hangs up on me so he can get back to work. pah.

  6. sister even more so. this afternoon just before she goes out, she comes to investigate the groaning lump of blankie on my bed. i'm pretty sure she thought i brought some sick animal into the apartment and was trying to hide it from her. she poked the lump which was me, making me scream in retaliation at how cruel she was and how i wished i could just roll over the balcony and die and not be subject to the horrendous torture of her poking me. she proceeds to yell back and tells me basically the same thing justin did: get your lazy ass outta bed and get it to uni!
as such, i am extremely unhappy. i have 4 hours to do all my housework, get some packing done and make myself look good for dinner tonight, which is supposed to be an early birthday celebration for me.



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