Monday, November 07, 2005

Cuts and Bruises

i know the first thing my mom is gonna say when she comes in tomorrow.


for some reason the 3 inch bruise i got from the shin fight with Gav didn't show up on camera. gotta twiddle around with the settings hmm :/

damn, it sucks that this is the season to bring out miniskirts and shorts but i can't because my legs look freaking damaged.

lol don't be alarmed. i normally do bruise really easily. i just dont normally get this many in one go.

another 3 weeks before i get to go back hommmeeeeeeeee!! was thinking about the things i want to buy when i get back to Malaysia and Shanghai. i hope my dad hasn't cancelled the trip :(

from Shanghai::
  1. sandals and flats!! i realised that when i shop i normally buy tops and pants, i don't go hunting for shoes because i hate the hassle. out of all the girls you know, i probably own the LEAST pair of shoes.

  2. those silk sling bags that are so in fashion here and are retailing in Mimco for 300 dollars (fucking ripoffs)

  3. more bags in general! same with sandals and flats, i never see a bag that i think is worth the price and i hate the hassle of thinking what clothing i have in my closet to match it with.

  4. a DECENT winter jacket, hopefully manage to get one of those poofy ones with the fur lined hood that i've been trying to find in Melbourne.
from KL::
  1. DVD box sets from Sungei Wang. will definitely look out for House MD, CSI Season 4 & 5, Buffy Season 2 onwards (will have to collect these slowly)

  2. Movie DVDS!! Since Justin has already watched all the shows i wanna watch (hmpf) i'm just gonna have to settle for the DVDS. imma gonna get The Corpse Bride, Zorro 2, Zathura, Pride and Prejudice (oh mr darcyyyy). i'll think of more later.

    *damn, just realised i'm gonna spend a bomb on DVDs*

  3. more Paul Frank shirts from FOS just to piss people in Melbourne off. haha nyeh nyeh i get them cheap and you dont :D
i think that's the end of my shopping list for now. hopefully will be able to weasel a trip to HK out of my dad the same time as that Shanghai trip but i doubt it. he'll probably be too scared to unleash me in HK after the amount of shopping i do in Shanghai haha.
Edit (again!):

am finding too many things to blog about today but seriously, WHAT IS THIS?!

Harry hugging Hermione?! WHY!! and WHEN?!


Blogger Wen said...

ur pics reminds me of the TV ad: Violence against women, Australia says NO

11:43 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

lol the rocks at the grampians abused me. so what they gonna do abt it?

10:27 PM  

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