Thursday, November 03, 2005

i hope someday you'll joinnnn usss

everytime i hear a song that we performed at my graduation i get a little teary. which is stupid really when you think about it cause graduation was 2 years ago. i still miss high school and boarding heaps :(

some little girl was singing John Lennon's 'Imagine' on the Aussie Idol talent thingie and i got all nostalgic just listening to her. the funny thing is when i think about high school, i think more about the regrets i have. the people i should've been nicer to, what it would've been like if i had made prefect (after apparently only missing out by a few votes grr), the things i should've been more active in (badminton, actually GOING for string orchestra practices instead of just turning up to concerts and winging it), how i could've pulled up my grades and made it to the top 10% of the state instead of missing it by a hair and getting a measly 88.90.

must. stop. being. emo. *slaps self*



politics essay is halfway done now, should be able to finish the rest up tomorrow after a trip to the library and some extra reading. might be going to torquay this weekend with step sis and Gav, possibly Leon and some other couple.

oh and Happy Raya for those who are celebrating :) have fun with all the nyummy food and green packets!


Blogger KE said...

being a prefect is fun, but it isn't that great. I was deputy head =) it's not worth feeling regret over. really.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

yeaaah but my best friend and roomates were prefects so i felt really left out haha

10:34 PM  

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