Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloweeny!

woohoo! i got back alive!!

it was a really great weekend, perfect weather and everything. the only downside i have to this is that parts of my body are still protesting painfully from the 4 hour hike to the Pinnacle yesterday but at least i'm in one piece! was expecting to leave at least one body part back at the mountain but thank goodness i got away with two bruises and a (really deep) nick in my knuckle.

i've put the pics in collages so u can view a few at the same time (all hail Picasa!)

packed bags and me before departure and the dogs along the way, trying to see who could look the most bored. the towel was to keep shinju from drooling buckets all over me. poor things were stuck in the boot for the whole time.

it was about an hours drive from St Kilda to Gav's mums farm in Geelong. we got there about 9ish, it was already really dark. had some dinner and then headed to this place called Oakdene to get some desert. i forgot my camera that night but omg desert there was REALLY good. anybody who goes to Geelong should go to Oakdene!!! we had brioche donuts, rhubarb crumble and pistachio panacotta. it was quite pricey though, like 14-16 dollars for one desert.

Gav's step dad used to play for Geelong Footy Club but he's retired now and he runs a business and the farm together with his mom and their son.

the farm was REALLY unique, especially the house which was made out of mud and bottles (i kid you not) it was surrounded by really nice flowers and stuff, most of which were in bloom. we woke up at 6 the next morning cause it was gonna be a long drive to the Grampians but Gav managed to show me around before we left. they even have a dam behind the house!!!

you can see all the bottles sticking out from the front of the house and from the top floor next to the windows, the top right is a picture of a bottle sticking out of the wall in our room.

they had heaps of animals too, cows, a goat and her kids, horses, chickens and ducks. apparently the male goats were too horny and the female goat they had was giving birth to 2-3 kids every year so they gave all the males ones away. the deer (in the photo) had also tried to hump Gav once. he butted Gav in the ass and tried to mount him lol!!! the horse got scared off by the flash from my camera and wouldn't come near me after that.

i'm sorrry horse :(

Gav's mum was worried about the kid cause it wasn't eating so well so she shooed us (me, Gav, Shinju and Shep) away from the pen so she could try to get it to feed.

hah all of us in the car. Gav refused to take a photo cause he hadnt brushed his teeth that morning. it was really cold on the way too cause it started raining. (yes i am aware that my big teeth are sticking outta my mouth hmpf)

it was such a looong trip. my butt and teeth were majorly cramped by the time we got there and all i had to look at during the entire drive were CLOUDS and GRASS. hmpf.

did you know that there is a One Tree Hill road in Ararat?!?!

cool eh?? :D

we reached the Grampians about 11pm and parked our car at the base of the mountain so we could hike up.

*cries* can you believe I had to climb all the way up that monster?

my sister practically bounded up with no problems but me, who hasn't done serious exercise in about 5 years almost died on the way up. there wasn't even a proper path up! it was all just rocks and more rock.

and ewwwwwww!! heaps of black lizards! (Gav, farm boy, even told me that they were called blue tongue lizards)

stupid buggers. so many of them some more.

we reached quarter point and i had to stop for ages cause i was almost dead by then (thats how outta shape i was) Gav and my sister, in the mean time, pigged out siao on the ham and cheese sandwiches we packed earlier that day.

by the way, there are not many photos of me because i was all hot and sweaty and i refused to take photos cause i would look all tomato-ish and shiny and oily in them. vain me, i know :P

the view from quarter way was really nice though so i took some pics of sis and Gav (damn pai seh, i was like a light bulb the whole trip)

there was this really cool bit of overhanging rock and a sort of cave underneath it which was really cool. we stopped there for a break too for me to catch my breath. hahahha in one of those photos Gav is actually scratching his butt but then that bits been cut out. hmpf.

can you believe we had to climb UP those rocks? *cries even more* i honestly almost couldn't make it. i had been wearing the wrong shoes and there was a stream running through the rocks which i had accidentally stepped in so my shoes had no grip. almost slipped down a few times but thank goodness Gav was there to help me.

anyway, that pic was taken about three quarter ways up. was too out of breath to keep grabbing my camera so i missed some pretty good shots on the way up but dont worry!! i got all the cool rock formations on the way down.


okay. so the view was really worth it.

sigh :) complaining aside, i was quite glad i didnt stop halfway (like i originally planned to) and made it all the way to the top. was a pretty great achievement for me, i've never climbed up a mountain before.

the rock formations were so cooooooool!!!!!

some of the brochures called the mountain an 'elephant hide' or something. can really see why :P

i hope you guys can see now why i'm achy and tired.

anyway, the climb down was HEAPS easier. took us half the time and we only stopped once. haha there was this couple behind us all the way, i think they were Vietnamese or whatever but the girl and guy both spoke in Aussie accents. anyway!

i was manouevering my way over a slippery rock and Gav was watching me in case i slipped when i heard this sneeze behind me. i sorta couldn't look back and keep my balance at same time so i got off the rock i was on and looked and saw the girl sitting down on the rock but i didn't think too much of it until i reached Gav and he was looking over my shoulder sorta quizically and i asked him why and he said:

'zhi eh char boh, puak toh zhiu pang pui'

he said it with this super serious face and i sorta looked behind and started laughing my ass off.(for none Hokkien speakers, it means that girl, she slipped and farted) and for the rest of the way down, Gav kept making fun about how she clenched her butt to keep from slipping up lol.

Gav and my sis went to MacKenzie falls after we reached the bottom but i honestly couldn't stand another hike so i stayed in the car. they took some pictures for me though.

we got back from the Grampians about 9pm and i got some dinner, took a shower and plonked straight into bed, was almost dead of exhaustion.

this morning, we woke up about 1030 and went around the farm for a bit. they have 2 dogs there that are sooo cute.

meet Chaisen and Simba!!! Simba's a Jack Russel mix Maltese and Chaisen's a Doberman. Gav's mom actually asked whether i wanted to take Simba home cause he's too destructive for a farm dog. other dogs chase the rabbits but apparently Simba actually goes INTO the rabbit holes to get them.

Gav and my sis had to give Shep and Shinju a bath before we started off for Melbourne because apparently they had both been into the dam (i THOUGHT shinju looked a bit greenish when we got back from the Grampians) and Shinju had rolled around in cow poo.

the poor dog was completely wiped out from 2 nights at a farm. he'd been running around quite a bit and when we got out to the garden in the morning he was too tired to even get up and greet us.

Gav chained him to the deck so he wouldn't run around while he was being showered.

*snicker* Gav's getup to wash Shinju.

poor boy. he looks right miserable doesnt he? immediately after this photo was taken, he got off his butt and started shaking so i ran away before i could i get wet.

i only went back when it was safe to (ie, when shinju was getting dried off) haha.

sigh i absolutely fell in love with Simba, wish i could really take him home with me to the apartment. deaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr can i get himmm pleeeeeeeeaseee? :(

he was so extremely affectionate (and dirty) and soooo cute. I WANNNTTT :( *sniffles*


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