Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Daniel Radcliffe...

is on Rove Live tonight!!!


crush on a 16 year old? u betcha :P i have this thing for brit boys. especially their accents. they make me go all @(#*@()#*)@(&@#*@*# :D

anyway, got tagged by Jason.

The Timeline meme

Ten years ago I was :

In Sri KL primary, had my first biatch fight with a upper secondary school girl who hated my sisters guts and therefore hated me because i looked exactly like her. Went to Japan during school break that year and developed a huge kiddy crush on my dad's sales manager's son named Victor. That same year, he came to my classroom and handed me a huge bag of gummy candies which resulted in much name calling from girls in my class who were jealous.

5 years ago I was :

in my first year overseas. My mom and dad flew me to Australia, spent 3 days with me then dumped me in the MLC Boarding House. I couldn't handle my first night there so the next morning I packed all my things and called them to come get me. They dragged me to the school counsellor the next day, where I got reassurance. I stayed in the end but I still hated my first year in boarding school.

1 year ago I was :

in Malaysia, in serious trouble with my parents and very bitter with my life in general. i had just decided to switch over from my Bachelor of Science degree to a Bachelor of Arts, after failing Chemistry twice. I had also just received my first rejection letter from Melbourne University, but my first acceptance letters from both Deakin and RMIT. after an appeal and a meeting with the International Arts Coordinator, I finally got an acceptance.

Yesterday I was :

mopey and moody as a result of PMS. spent 2 hours in Uni, attending a briefing for the Predeparture Session i'm volunteering at thats going to be held in KL. also handed in my Terrorism assignment (woohoo!) went home after and spent the rest of the day alternately sleeping and studying for my Chinese exam.

The Seven Things meme

Seven things you plan to do before you die :
1. Publish a book (hah)
2. Work/Volunteer for UN or Amnesty International
3. Own a pair of Manolo Blahniks
4. Visit London, Paris, Rome with Justin
5. Stop biting my nails
6. Have a kitten with a cute name like Peekaboo
7. Have a German Sheperd/Golden Retriever named anything BUT dogdog

Seven things I could do : (as alternatives to the 7 listed above)
1. Exercise more
2. Spend more time with family
3. Learn to speak Hokkien properly
4. Reduce my sugar intake
5. Spend more time studying instead of watching TV
6. Learn to drive (read: PARK) properly
7. Stop procrastinating and get my Australian license

Seven celebrity crushes :
1. Johnathan Rhys Meyers
2. Nick Carter (I WAS 14!!!!)
3. Sascha Radestky
4. Matthew MacFadyen
5. Daniel Radcliffe :D
6. Jesse Bradford (in bring it on!)
7. Michael Vartan

Seven often repeated words :
1. Omygod!
2. Shit
3. Hah?
4. What?
5. NOOoOoOOo!
6. Hmmmm?
7. yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :
1. I'm
3. doing
4. this
5. because
6. Justin
7. will find a way to get back at me for this.

Seven tags to go :
1. Wen
2. Lysh
3. Tiff
4. Marcus
5. Chong Fui
6. Kuan Eng
7. Yan (do u even have a blog?!)


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