Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dog tags


i finally got my Youth AIDS dog tags from 'blind as bat' Wey Seng.

why blind as bat? because he walked all over Collins Street looking for Hugo Boss and then realised that he was standing right opposite the street from it. doh.

i wish i had brought my camera to the city today, they're putting up really pretty sand sculptures outside Max Brenner.

my going to be huge pimple seems to be not so sore today. my perfect cure for pimples?

Blackmores pimple gel.

i SWEAR on this stuff. okay so it looks a little like ear wax but it smells really good and it works wonders.

had to stretch my arm damn long before i could get everything into the photo. please excuse the messy hair :D

the dog tags are kinda scratched but i think i can go back to KL and get them polished at my sister's shop or something.

:) have new accessory! yay!

am gonna miss House tonight cause am going out for dinner with mum and aunts. poop.


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