Friday, November 18, 2005

Datuk Ng Yen Yen says...



thats not what she said. but still. click the link.

anyway, everyone in Malaysia (or even Asia) knows that sex education in that part of the world, Malaysia more than most is rather er, lacking. Our syllabus dictates that we don't learn about it until Form 3. And even then, it's just a few scientific diagrams, some mumbled explanations about a girl's menstrual cycle and the obligatory 5 minute talk about contraception.

I assure you that raging hormones and pliable teenage minds need more than that.

What matters most is not offending the sensibilities of the people who run the country, what matters now is that our teens are quite possibly engaging in unprotected sex, which everyone knows can lead to HIV and pregnancy which then leads to...AN OUTRAGED SOCIETY! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? THESE TEENS ARE SO UNEDUCATED, THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN HAVING SEX! STUDIES FIRST!

but why would they be outraged when they are the ones who built this situation up in the first place? and what is the point when the damage is already done?

first they refuse to educate our teenagers about sex, it's consequences, why they should sit up and take notice and not snicker and act immature about it while class is ongoing. our society enjoys pushing things like these under the rug. things like sex, divorce, marital problems, these are all things that teens are deemed much too young to deal with. we make a big deal out of age, we think the young should shut up and listen, not learn from their own mistakes but from their textbooks which do not provide practical information, rather useless bits about how a uterus functions.

how old then, is the right age?

sixteen? when teachers notice that someone's tummy is abnormally large underneath a secondary school uniform? nineteen? when he may already be infected with gonorrhoea? or maybe twenty when he might unknowingly have HIV? or twenty five? when those who were pregnant during their teens have given up hope for a future because raising a child has kept them from education?

no age is really too young, Australians learn about it even when they are nine. perhaps telling them about it when they cannot understand is the best thing to do and then refreshing their memories every few years or so will remind them of the seriousness underlying sex.

its quite unfortunate that our society has painted itself into this corner. its unfortunate that our conservative Asian values may prevent us from saving someone from the certain death that is AIDS. it's unfortunate that there are not more people like Datuk Ng Yen Yen to speak out against those values.

such bleak thoughts about such an enjoyable act but it HAS to be taught.

then again, with all other problems that Malaysia is facing, i'm sure this is quite unimportant to important people like Badawi or Najib. youth in this country, after all, are so unimportant, they are not even allowed a political stand.

but that's another issue, to be argued at another time.


Anonymous Yan said...

With great sex comes great responsibility...



12:05 AM  
Blogger mooiness said...

yan: wah good paraphrase.

anyways, I read somewhere to start talking about sex as soon as a kid asks, "where do babies come from?" but only answer their immediate question and don't elaborate unless you have to.

then by the time they are in their teens, they would already have a good foundation and would not be so naive.

would it be so easy.

but yes more communication is the key but Asian parents tend not to be most communicative. wouldn't you agree? :)

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Yan said...


I've never had 'the talk' with my parents so naturally what I knew about sex I learnt from my friends and of course, the internet. They never initiated it and I probably know more than enough so...

Now that I've got my first ever steady boyfriend (the fact that he's Caucasian makes things worse), my mom keeps dropping hints like "Just act smart la", "Don't play play la, study first", "Think of the consequences of things you do" etc etc... So what I did was act dumb and say, "What are you talking about, mom? I don't understand...."


12:00 PM  
Blogger Wen said...

lol.... I dont think asian parents or society in general like talking about these things :P which is a bad thing of course. Still can't imagine how I'll talk to my daughters about it tho

2:13 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

yan: lol at least ur parents are ok with a caucasian boyfriend. my mom would chuck a huge fit then attempt to sent hit men after him lol.

mooi: aiyah they're communicative. just not in the right way. their communicative tends to be more in the way of admonitory advice instead of 'real' talks

wen: hahahah already planning for children wennie? not so soon la! USE A CONDOM remember! :D

8:21 PM  

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