Thursday, December 22, 2005

First day of work

tiring siao...

the people are really nice but very intent on throwing me into the deep end of the pool with a really small life vest.

but fun :)

sorry for the lack of updates, been too busy carolling, xmas shopping and now work.


Blogger Chong Chung Fui said...

they gave u a life vest? i dint get nothin! =P

5:12 AM  
Anonymous Molly-Bom-Bom said...

Ei Monkeyy Frenn! Wooott! :P so working lahh nie patut no sound. But have fun sweets. Bila dah banyak duit from working can belanja when back in melb k, ally-belly-booo :P hahaha Loving the pics u took. I'm leaving for dubai 2moro too huhu, hope it'll be as fun. Miss-wissy youss~ MWACKS!

5:58 AM  
Blogger Wen said...

Lol... same with me, sorry for the lack of online presence, neway haf fun at work n hopefully u enjoy it more than I do

7:03 PM  

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