Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Shanghai Day #2 & #3

i scratched the car todayy!! :( much to justins amusement...

but anyway! dad and mom aren't too pissed, i didn't even get a lecture. but i promised to be HEAPS more careful with the car the next time.

Shanghai Day 2

my dad went to Ji Nan to check out some factories there so me, my mom and my sister were left in Shanghai for a day by ourselves. we decided to check out the area around the hotel.

we walked around Citic Square for a bit, as well as Nanjing Lu looking for places to eat. found this place on a street corner that sold Hongkie food which was quite nice.

did MORE shopping on Nanjing Lu and bought this pair of jeans!

Lysh thinks it looks too colourful for me but i really really like them!!! they're really nifty!

sis wanted to go back to Xiang Yang market after that so we followed her. bought like heaps of shoes and silver stuff for really really cheap!!


anyway, went back to the hotel after that and waited for my dad to get back from Ji Nan so we could go for dinner together!

found this nifty night market like just around the road from the hotel and had dinner there...

me and my sister at dinner. eeeeeeeeeeeee both got fat face!!! :(

Shanghai Day 3

was easily the boringest day we had in Shanghai! dad dragged us to Art Galleries at 8 in the morning (argh)

didn't take many photos because i was too freaking sleepy.

went back to Xiang Yang again but by that time i think the novelty was wearing off so i didn't really buy anything.

met Alysha in the afternoon when my parents and sister went to explore MORE art galleries!

took her to the night market behind my hotel again!

wahahhaha altogether we sapu-d like 7 pairs of earrings from this lady there for abt RM 4 each.

eeee :D

dad said we could go back to Shanghai soon, am definitely looking forward to that! was very happy at the end of the trip that i didnt end up with food poisoning (which was what happened the last time) and even more amazingly, there were no family arguments!!

Hong Kong trip laters!


Blogger Wen said...

looks like ur mando subject is put into use! I WANT CHEAP SHOPPINGGGG!!! >.<

11:22 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

lol! well australias on summer sale now right??? so its cheap shopping there too!!!

11:53 PM  

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