Monday, December 12, 2005

Shanghai Day #1

hellooo!! am finally back from Hong Kong with a sore throat, a cough and funny as ear pressure. was a good week away from home all in all :D

took off from KL International Airport at 1am and it was all rainy...

landed in Shanghai 6.20am the following morning in minus 2 degree weather and super thick fog.

had to wrap up in several layers of clothing, it was THAT cold. the good thing about super cold weather is that your boogers freeze up before they can run properly :P

by the time we got into the Maglev station, it was 9.30 and we were all fricking tired and freezing our butts off.

apparently it can go up to 400km/h but it only went up to 301 that day. feel quite cheated hmpf :(

checked into the Grand Pacific Hotel at 10.30am, was quite a long ride from the airport to the hotel.

did i mention that Shanghai cab drivers are fucking crazy??!!? i swear we almost got killed like 10 times by cab drivers and random buses and other cars.

the room was a fricking sauna, we couldn't even change the temperature so we were broiling the whole time. we were like prancing around in spaghetti straps and undies in the hotel room but outside we were wrapped in 4 layers of clothing. tuh.

anyway, we took a nap and then headed off to xiang yang market to do some shopping!!!

getting there is a hassle in itself, we were with one of my dads Australian business partners and once the vendors saw that we were with a guai lou so about 30 of them followed us all the way to the market.

see ALLLLLLLL those people??? they're all following lawrie. and if u look properly, u can spot me and my sister with our ear muffs in the back lol :D

welcome to Xiang Yang - home to at least three quarters of the world's counterfeit products!

spent pretty much the whole day there looking for bargains. got dragged up into several alleyways and upstairs shops which was pretty scary.

wahhahahahhaha my loot for the first day :D

after that, went for dinner at some place on Huai Hai road.


ewww winter crab. normally i love crabs but this one had hair on its pincers, i absolutely refused to eat it, was so gross.

more updates later...


Blogger KE said...

I don't see how you can like the place, it's so crowded and cold!

It's the shopping, right?

I like the way the people there talk though.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

lol yeah i hated the crowded bit specially since i get a little claustrophobic.

but i love cold weather! and i LOVE the shopping, its so cheap and everything there is so amazing :D

lol but can you understand what they are saying???

12:49 AM  
Blogger KE said...

With the accent? not really . . . =.=

11:18 AM  

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