Wednesday, January 25, 2006

thats the reason i'm so sick of love songs so tired of tears

work today was absolutely exhausting.

went with Debbie to film CNY stuff, ended up in SJKC Puay Chai, someone's house in Kelana
Jaya (they had a ragdoll cat!) and One Utama.
to that lady who was really pissy to me after we took your photo, well if u didnt want it to be used THEN DONT POSE FOR US IN THE FIRST PLACE.
anyway, was looking through some old photos on our computer and stumbled across the wedding files. i actually discovered some candid shots that i've never seen before from other

me and my family the night before the wedding. aiee. how dopey did we look.

during dinner.

i will find the person who took this photo. and he will pay.

happy! ang pow!

lol it was 9am and i was already tired. i think i was falling asleep against the chair actually.

lol wanna know what i was amused about?

these idiots.

they were doing push ups. without their underwear on. singing 'i'll make love to you' by Boys 2 Men.
okay. thats it for now peeps. off to bed for meee!


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