Thursday, June 29, 2006


finally caught Tokyo Drift with Mas in One U last night.

had fun catching up and bitching bout current love lives (or non love lives whatever)

have been trying to download the soundtrack all day but limewire isn't working grr.

spent most of the movie drooling over Lucas Black and looking away when a car crashed/scratched/got blown up.

then in the spirit of the show, Mas chased a Mini Cooper out of the parking lot (pretty carr waiit for meee pretty car!!)

we were hoping the driver was cute but sigh turned out to be this high forehead round faced guy who caught us staring at him.


lol Mas's car broke down on the way to my place so we were stuck outside the bomba station for about an hour while 4 boys fiddled about with the car arguing over whether it was a battery problem or whether the car was simply lacking fuel.


me, mas and her dad's Waja apparently not a good combination.


Blogger maslin said...

but DAMN that mini was pretty!

10:53 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

mas: the driver was most certainly NOT

1:05 AM  

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