Sunday, June 18, 2006

study session

drove to Desmonds place today by myself!


went to pick Arnold up from the city after. he slid into the front seat then looked around carefully, then...

"this is good, i dont see any blood on the car"

mah chee bye. why does everyone think i'm a bad driver?!


was studying for my Chinese paper pretty much the whole afternoon with Des and Loey.

sat down for 3 whole hours to do grammar which was bloody tiring.

Dez after an hour of studying. still damn semangat man, can smile all

unlike Loey who was crashed on the floor looking like he was going to fall asleep

and then there was me, not too happy cause i had to wake up at 12 the day after i had a paper but smiling nonetheless.

incidentally, these are the same people i'm going to China with at the end of the year. should be fun :)

one of our main sources of distraction:


tell me thats not a fucking cute pug. reminds me of the one from MIB :D

all our notes after the 2nd hour.

there's a huge box of cookies in the middle that was gone by the time we were done studying haha.

after stuffing our brain with useless Chinese idioms and phrases, we decided to unwind by watching 'Fearless' with Jet Li in it.

according to Loey it was a good way to get ourselves in the mood to do our Chinese paper.


didn't work :(


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