Friday, June 23, 2006

let's recap shall we?

  • exam is in roughly 4 hours and i'm still only about half prepared for my paper. good thing this shit isn't a hurdle requirement otherwise i'll have another thing to worry about over winter break.

  • i failed my hazard perception (twice) and therefore will not be sitting for my driving test until after next semester starts. yes yes. i can see quite a few people laughing it up.

  • i have to go home tomorrow and the house is dirty. which means that after my exam today i get to bring out the vacuum cleaner and toilet brush instead of going to sleep. whoopee.

  • had my chinese oral presentation yesterday only i can't tell how it went. examiners told me it was 'very good' after i was finished but apparently they said that to everybody? damn you Chinese tutors, why cant you be honest.

  • after today, i will FINALLY be done with exams. so no more ranting until results come out :D

  • it's 10.20 and i'm hungry. SOMEBODY GET ME FOOD.

  • ...on another note, i'll be having neelas in less than 48 hours. now to think about who to bug when my flight lands :D


Anonymous nama aku si shaun wtf said...

pls lar, you'll be bugging arnieson, your other half. wtf.

have a safe flight k.

4:31 AM  
Blogger maslin said...

ally ade boyfriend baru???

Tak cakap Mas....


Gosh...exams have turned me so malay...

We are meeting up when u get back. period.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

mas: lol i'mm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack :D

7:31 PM  

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