Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cupcake Making # 1

cupcake making attempt 1 is a complete disaster due to the following reasons:

#1. batch number one was slightly burnt. never mind that, when i took them out of the oven and attempted to remove them from the tray, batch number one fell apart. not good.

#2. first attempt at making icing did not go well. at all. i'm usually quite alright with baking because its the only type of cooking that gives detailed instructions. decided to forego instruction reading this time for some reason.

icing is now granulated, bright blue gunk that doesnt look appetizing at all.

#3. batch number two actually turned out alright. until genius me decides to spread above said icing on it. attempt to scrape off icing resulted in the tops of cupcakes batch number two splotched with funny blue patches. above said icing went back on.

sigh. whoever heard of someone being on a downward sloping learning curve in the kitchen????

contemplating just scraping the whole mess into the dustbin and leaving the washing up for tomorrow.


Anonymous aud said...

*clap clap* you still deserve some applause for even attempting to bake :P

1:25 AM  
Blogger x said...

So..... who was your first victim to try out your "delicious" cup cakes?

1:38 AM  
Blogger Ally said...

aud: lol gee thanks

x: me lah :P then?

12:05 AM  
Blogger x said...

Then... I give you my thumbs up of approval for... baking those cup cakes however they may taste like.

2:41 AM  

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