Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Koko Black

finally tried Koko Black!

after like 10 thousand (okay, maybe 2) attempts of going and finding the place full, i went with Abbey yesterday and miraculously got a table.

started off with a hot chocolate each and a really yummy single scoop of ice cream.

definitely better than Max Brenner in terms of chocolate quality or i could just be biased because the cocoa beans they use come from Malaysia.

the boyfriend is going back to KL tomorrow which means a week and a bit of not grossing everyone out with extreme displays of public affection.

nUuUUuuuU :( how will i survive.

*cough* right.

anyway, girly weekend up ahead since the boyfriend won't be around :D shopping with May and clubbing with janet (i think).

should be good. need to chill out before my parents come and piss on all my fun.


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