Thursday, July 06, 2006


land of the annoying bimbotic girls was actually great fun.

no thanks to the people who were SUPPOSED to come down with me *coughOWENcoughMAScough*

not that i'm saying all girls in spore are bimbotic la. just most.

results are out tomorrow argh. everyone cross ur fingers and toes i didnt fail micro.


on the one hand i'm pissed about my micro, chink and WEP marks cause one mark more for each and i would've made it into the grade above.
on the other hand, i'm quite happy with the H2A for AFR.
u think if i appealed they'd give me the 1 mark to make it 2 distinctions? :P


Blogger maslin said...

is ally back in oz?

and whats wrong with lucas black online?!!

6:11 AM  

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