Sunday, September 04, 2005

Malaysians Vs Singaporeans

for the past few weeks i've been reading xiaxue's blog. (i'm not linking it, dont want attention on this blog) her posts have been entertaining at most but recently she visited KL and wasn't very flattering in her description our beloved country (MALAYSIA BOLEH!) basically she got cheated by cabbies, molested on Petaling street...the usual stuff that normal tourists go through when they first come to malaysia without being forewarned. she sparked off very heated debates among malaysians and singaporeans that comment on her blog. the malaysians, of course, indignantly protecting our country and the singaporeans...sigh well, being singaporeans.
i dont agree with the things she says in her blog but i visited this blog that was linked from her site and some guy actually called her a whore for saying the things she did. well. like that wasn't an overreaction. i dont know lah. i'm just saying that malaysians and singaporeans will never be able to get along well in light of our 'history' together. so maybe we hate each other but its no reason for ah bengs and ah liens to throw insults at each other like 'eh you think ur country so great ah? then you tell me why singaporeans come visit malaysia so often? your argument no logic la. you so stupid. you know nothing.' i swear it pisses me off the more i read, especially those who insult malaysia to the point of making it sound like some third world country.
sigh. this post is pointless really. i just don't like people insulting my country (or whichever one it is seeing as how i'm half half) and i really dont like brainless people throwing childish insults at each other. wanna fight it out? let the head of states do it. at least they do it in PROPER english.


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lol I agree on the english part :P boo

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