Friday, September 02, 2005

selfish me?

i have this phobia of donation collectors. i hate when they come up to you with a big smile on their faces and ask you to donate for their cause. some harass you, some follow you, few take your rejection nicely. but that's not the point. i get really uncomfortable when i see them standing in my path and i normally walk on the other side of the pavement to put some distance between me and them.

i think the main reason these people get donations is cause they pull a guilt whammy on you or something. you see these red cross/osteoperosis/kidney disease/legacy week collecting tins being shook in front of you and you feel guilty for the people afflicted with diseases that you don't have. today i saw this old lady get on a tram with her legacy week tin and i prayed SO hard that she wouldnt come near me because god forbid u should disappoint an old lady with a donating tin.

it's even worse when they come to your door at 9.30 in the morning and ring the doorbell and ASK you to donate. or call you to ask you to sell raffle tickets and bombard you with a clinical explanation of what osteoperosis is (at this point i cut the lady off and told her that i knew what the disease meant thank you very much).

its not fair imposing these things on other people, especially when its obvious they dont want to donate but u keep following them and telling them its for a good cause and that its ur chance to be a good samaritan etc. i don't think donations are bad, i think if you want donations then DO something to get them. like a bake sale, or sell ribbons or chocolates or something. you shouldnt be GUILTING people into giving up money.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Tiffany said...

I know what you mean. They intimidate me sometimes, and I tend to make myself look very busy while passing them (it has become a habit) so that they won't bother asking me. The ones I've encountered have been nice, they don't pester or stalk me for a donation, and there was even one who complimented me when my bf donated (cheap trick wei!).. lol

Most of the time I'm just too lazy to dig out my wallet and find the coins.. -_-;; I really really hate those that call you because I don't have the heart to cut them off in mid-conversation and hang up..

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