Sunday, September 04, 2005

My essay is slowly progressing...

:D me being the procrastinating pototo decided to upload photos from my step sister's sort of birthday dinner we had at our place before i continued on with my terrorism essay. sigh i dont CARE whether terorrism is being expressed as a clash of civilisations!!!!! blah.


she actually cooked hor fun for us.

yup. the birthday girl cooked. damn pai seh. but oh well :P she insisted.

hee the noodles looked really yummy!

she needed shit loads of ingredients and sauces, some she had to bring over from her place cause we dont do a lot of cooking and are woefully understocked :P

beef/prawns/crab balls :D

hor fun!!! yuuumm!!

huhu her birthday cake! :D

with candles on it! okay its not really a cake, its a profiterole (sp?) from brunettis on the corner of flinders lane and swanston.

happppyyy birtthhhdaayyyyy toooo youuuu



Anonymous Tiffany said...

Brunetti's cakes are sooo funky :D And sinful.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Ally said...

hurf. and a big distraction from WORK. dammit.

*stuffs mouth with more chocolate cake*

1:22 AM  

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