Tuesday, October 25, 2005

assignments assignments and more assignments

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isn't it ironic that the day we study womens liberation in global politics is the day that [Rosa Park dies]?

it's such a gloomy day outside today, the kind of day where you don't feel like doing much, just sitting on a couch and idly flip channels on a tv instead of being stuck in a computer lab full of students debating solutions to assignments on the top of their lungs.

the bulk of my assignments has been handed in, at the end of this week i'll have finished my second semester back in Melbourne and SWOT VAC will begin. i still have a lot to do though, Chinese Listening Test on Thursday, Chinese Oral Presentation on Friday, Global Politics essay topics coming out during SWOT VAC week and to be handed in the Monday after along with my Creative Writing 3000 word folio. After that it's my Terrorism Essay and then finally, my first and last exam, Chinese.

i wish i could be more productive and finish up the bulk of the readings i'll need to get done for my essays but i'm not in the working mood just yet. it's that time of the year again where everyone's stressed outta their pants and i'm still sorta just wasting time doing stupid things like baking brownies.

ugh. i hate rainy days. they always make me go all moody.


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