Sunday, October 09, 2005

i have discovered...

that the best way for everyone to know about something that's happened to you is to say these words:

'eh you're not supposed to tell anyone okay?'

within a week, two tops i guarantee you'll have someone rushing up to you with a look of mock concern on their face asking you about it by whispering it in your ear like it's some great conspiracy.

i wonder if this is due to the lack of malaysian ability to keep their mouths shut about something or just that particular group of girls. or maybe they just don't understand the meaning of 'eh, you're not supposed to tell anyone okay?' either way, i'm very annoyed and have vowed never to tell that particular girl anything again.

and the odd thing was, the girl that i told this thing to and the girl that came up to me have a very strained relationship. i honestly was very shocked that this could have happened. tuh.

am also v. annoyed that i have missed another formula 1 race while was down at borders.

tuh i say. TUH.


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