Thursday, October 06, 2005

the martians from mars and venusians(?) from venus

i am very the annoyed today.

had my chinese oral presentation this morning which went alright i guess. (BC: attempt to say batik 'la ye ran' thingie was apparently RIGHT :D) we had the usual question answer session, got fired more questions than usual. everyone was very fascinated by the fact that my mom's a singaporean and my dad's a malaysian.

yeah. okay. i dont get it either.

so our chinese class on thursdays in broken down into two sessions alright? the first session was okay cause it was basically just going through presentations and stuff but the SECOND session. oh god.

  1. Wannabe Asians. Or ABC's that proudly announce that they are Malaysian. HELLOOO your nationality on your passport says you're Australian right? Just because your parents are Malaysian does NOT mean you are. Especially if you speak in super annoying nasal type Australian slang and have your lips so firmly glued to the tutor's bottom that you don't know where her butt cheek ends and your lip begins. GET. A. LIFE.

  2. Annoying boys. Not all boys mind you. Just those that have been in a boys school all their life and it's their first time in a coed environment and they resort to very kindergarten like ways of talking to girls. Like sticking their face in your face and going 'DO YOU THINK I"M SEXY?' or coming up to you and saying totally ignorant things like 'MELBOURNE IS BIGGER THAN THE WHOLE OF MALAYSIA' or even worse asking me stupid questions like 'WOULD YOU DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY?' like a million times because i completely ignored him the first hundred times he did.

  3. People that see fit to annoy people in class, making it hard to pay attention. Okie. that sounded really goodie two shoes. But you have to understand that we hold this class in a listening lab and the paragraphs of text coming from the speakers are already hard enough to understand as it is without above said annoying boys attempting to stick pens up your nose (i kid you not) and play with whatever accessories you have on. And when the tutor randomly picks them to answer a question, they look at me for the answer. The first few classes, I happily helped them of course (see! i DO try to be nice to people) but now i'm not bothered and just sit there stone faced while they flounder around and eventually get told to pay attention.
GAHHHH. i hate them hate them hate them! *stomp* and coming home to a completely unsympathetic boyfriend does NOT help. he even managed to chastise ME for being overconfident after the completely horrible morning i had!


i'm so lucky i decided not to go on that China thing with them. would have just killed me.


Anonymous Tiffany said...

No offense to those who attend boys school but I totally agree with you. They can get so annoying sometimes.. and if they're not annoying, it's some other problem. o_O

8:39 PM  
Blogger Wen said...

:O I sense insult! I was partially from a boys school but I get wot u mean. :P Just take a look at um... u know, random MHS guys

12:43 AM  
Blogger Chong Chung Fui said...

errr... ally... im not on any of those lists.. m i? =P

5:44 AM  
Blogger Ally said...

tiff:: yeah. like rampant homosexuality. hmpf.

wen:: whaaat? u weren't in ivanhoe for very long what. 3 years only. and ur just discriminatory cause u think all other boys schools (scotch and xavier probably included) suck :P

chung fui:: lol no. u fit into an entirely different category of annoyingness :D *runs away*

1:07 PM  
Blogger Chong Chung Fui said...

now aint dat da ultimate insult? =P unless dat category is called da "a few nice guys left" category. =)

10:29 PM  

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