Sunday, October 02, 2005

hellooooo 19...

i promise this is the last ever pathetic attempt i will make at sketching. i was bored at the shop on friday while waiting for my sisters to get through the massive KL traffic jam to pick me up.


okay. stop laughing. i know some kindergarten kid out there is laughing at my ability (or non ability) as an artist and thinking he can do better.

as was earlier planned, birthday night itself was spent with family. well...i THOUGHT it was going to be family only but lookie what happened. my dad invited other people too. LOTS of other people. INCLUDING freeloader/bottom feeder uncle. *rolls eyes*

the food was good though, was snapping pictures the whole night when my sister decided to be smart and try to reset my camera settings for me and ended up deleting all my pictures. *sob*

*gasp* CAKE? on my birthday? FOR ME? awww :D

dad wanted a test sample first. haha no i'm kidding, he was pushing the candles in for me.

dad, mom, me and two sisters. i think this is like the first family photo we've taking in a long long time. can practically imagine the guy already oogling over my eldest sister. trust me. she may look pretty but when she decides she doesn't like you, run far far away.


and plus. she's taken :P

guess what i wished for? haha actually it was more like a half formed wish. i wonder if that counts? but anyway...out go the candles!

they say it's bad luck to cut the birthday cake all the way to the bottom when you're doing the first slice so i just sorta let the knife hang in the middle. the waitress must have thought i was very odd indeed.

but anyway. it was coffee cake. not particularly good but it was restaurant provided so we had to make do. my sister (who was put in charge of buying the cake) didnt think that there were gonna be so many people going so she bought a smaller chocolate cake instead. but since that wouldn't feed 16 people, we saved it for later.

my eldest sister seemed to like the coffee cake well enough though. she finished hers, mine and my second sisters. le pig.

got home about midnight-ish and decided that it was time to cut the REAL cake even though it wasnt my birthday anymore :D

this, ladies and gentleman is mr. chocolate sucker. and yes that is the name of the cake, only sucker is meant to be spelt sackher or something and is supposed to be in german. but since my sister pronounces it 'sucker', sucker it shall be.

that name is sorta more fitting for the cake dontcha think? :D

friday night, had our plans ruined a little bit. justin was planning on taking me to lafite and then to luna bar but since KL was all jammed up and we didnt have time to make it home and back in time, we opted for dinner at the rib shop in damansara heights instead.

i'm sure justin's wallet was sighing in relief.

the caesar salad we had for apetiser. the food was actually pretty good :) i've only ever been there once with my family. the portions may look small but they are actually quite filling.

justin's RAW beef. i swear it was still twitching on the plate when they brought it over. he couldn't stop going on and on and on about how tender it was during dinner. he even attempted to offer me some! >:O the nerve! as if i would eat something THAT uncooked and probably bacteria infested.

...i was right about the bacteria infested bit though. haha justin got a tummy ache later that night :D that'll teach him to eat his meat raw. bwahahahhaa!

my safer alternative. the rib shop 'combo'. tiger prawns, coleslaw, ribs and mash.

if you haven't been to the rib shop yet, goooooo! the restaurant itself is pretty cozy, the service is good and the food is needless to say really nice (don't order raw beef!)

justin got me flowers but i didnt take a photo of it all wrapped up in red paper and stuff so i had to settle for them in a vase :(

they're still really pretty though :D

anyway! after dinner we headed over to alexis to meet jason and kat and were joined afterwards by justin's colleagues from CIMB. we opened a bottle of absolut, kat completely refused to drink >:( and stuck with ribena and sprite the whole night.

although, she got me a really sweet present so i forgive her :P

cuteee righhttt :D

jason and kat. lol the furry monster i haven't come up with a nickname for kat just yet so she shall just be known as kat :P

i am very aware that me and jusin are NOT photogenic type people. in fact if we get married and have kids, i'm sure they will hate us cause they will inherit our small eyes, round face and flat noses.

adoption is a very attractive option don't you think?

ooh, before i forget. justins present :D

wheee :D he seems to like getting me stuff from burberry. not that i'm complaining but this was partially my sister's fault. she coerced him into it! evil sister.

anyway, am back in melbourne now, alll aloonee in this empty apartment. it's actually quite scary, when i was attempting to sleep i swear i heard voices coming through the vent. and i have a shitload of laundry to do, thanks to my sister and bills to pay and uni stuff to sort out.

the flight wasn't that great, the air stewardess was majorly rude and when we got into melbourne airport the plane didnt actually dock at the terminal, we had to the take a bus from the tarmac. security has been really beefed up cause of the bomb threats, i saw federal police in the airport for the first time and some really mean looking customs officials. and even though i didn't declare anything, they still insisted on putting me through the really long line to baggage scan. it was a good thing my dad checked me in at the business class counter, my bag came out super early so i was able to beat most of the crowd and come out relatively early.

meeting my step sister for dinner tonight, gonna have super huge pizza, hopefully get to see sinju tonight. maybe i could get her to drop me off at the supermarket :D


Blogger Wen said...

U makin me hungweeeee.... :( :P Nice birthday! My 19th birthday brings back bittersweet memories for me..... =/

8:46 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

lol should bring u to that rib shop place the next time ur down in KL

9:07 PM  
Blogger thisguysplace said...

did you photoshop me a moustache? :(

just occured to me that i should've bought you a nice drink that could be set on fire - as per cliche.

sorry ally, perhaps for 20 year olds then.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Ally said...

ahahhah i swear i didnt touch the photo :P

umm thanks but no thanks. i prefer my drinks...un fired? :S

4:34 PM  

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