Sunday, November 20, 2005


...i'm really quite full. and i'm so sorry i didn't take any pictures of the gorgeous fantabulous food i just ate.

we had mussels, lobsters, fresh oysters, snapper, calamari, chicken souvlaki, lamb chops, garlic mash potatoes, salad, wedges, whitebait, pistachio ice cream, nougat and turkish delight.

the aunties paid for dinner of course.

and after we had all that, we couldn't even move to take a lot of pictures.

me and mish. she was complaining the whole night about not being able to see Wes...pffft.

my mom (wah lau fat face) and Aunty Frances.

Aunty Ginny, Jackie and Fee.

lol it was quite an enjoyable night, five old ladies present nonwithstanding. they were quite amusing to watch, there were quite a few WTF moments where me and mish just looked at each other and raised eyebrows.


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