Monday, November 21, 2005

i am annoyed...

at several things i have read today.

woe betide (haha) the people that have annoyed me. but they dont know me so *shrug* i am free to complain as much as i want :D


And this is regarding the whole Michelle Leslie thing.

Quick summary: She's an Australian underwear model who got caught in Indonesia holding 2 ecstasy pills and as a result got thrown into jail for drug posession yadda yadda yadda.

The other night i was watching Chicago on TV and there's this part where Richard Gere was doing a Press Conference with Roxie and he had everyone on strings and he was just pulling at them, manipulating them in other words.

When i watched Michelle Leslie appear in the tudung and the whole robe thing, Richard Gere sprang to mind.

But that happened a long time ago.

What i'm REALLY annoyed about is the way she and her insipid lawyer are acting now that she's been released when before she was all cowering and throwing puppy eyes at everyone. whinewhinewhine i deserve everything whinewhinewhine i was a bad girl sniffsniff i apologize, i'm sorry please let me go sniff i wont repeat this again!!!!!!

Now, I believe her lawyer is going 'look at me look at me i'm the best lawyer in the world i got someone off on a drug charge!' and Michelle Leslie is once again the puffed up egotistical Australian that deserves to be beaten with a long hard plank.

I wish Michelle Leslie was hanging in Singapore instead of Van (which is mean) if only because she is the true embodiment of a bimbotic rich bitch who gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and also manages to get free of DRUG charges.

[For theage article, click here]


Speaking of embodiments of bimbotic rich bitches...

Sigh i'm a little hesitant because i know how blog wars are started with this kinda thing.

But anyway. I shall be brave.

Lets make this clear first lar har in case any of her supporters come sniffing round and then wagwag their tails and go reporting to mummy. I'm not jealous of her (okay maybe a little bit of her Chanel bag) but it's not like my family cannot afford it. I also live in a big house what, I also study overseas what, my family also got lots of money okay, and I also have loving boyfriend who does sweet things what.

(slight exaggeration in paragraph above but its to prove a point i promise)

The difference is, I dont flaunt all things above to get attention.

And never mind the flaunting, when she DOES get all the attention, she gets angry. Like omygod, don't try to find my blog like omygod i'm so popular i dont need all this, like omygod i'm so pretty, like omygod i have this perfect life and you dont.

Right. So you DONT want people looking for your blog but your last entry freely gives the new address away?

Open your fucking pretty eyes and look around lar. Life is not all about you, it's not all about your branded bags and your Gucci pumps and how perfect you can portray yourself. It's not all about how many sweet entries you can squeeze out from your boyfriend on HIS blog about how perfect you are. All this only serves to further inflate your already huge ego.

Who are you trying to fool? Your so called avid fans? Or yourself?


Right. I'll keep number 3 short because i really need to get some studying done.

Number 3 involves a friend of mine who shall remain unnamed. I'm not annoyed at this particular person, just at this person who knows this person.

Wow, now its complicated :D

I dont understand the games people play to make themselves into victims, although i'm probably guilty of this myself. But when the blame is so obviously yours, own up to it. Don't fiddle around and play the emotional trump card because you know it always works eventually.

It's just a matter of time before the other one caves in and goes crawling back because you are oh-so-sorry and oh-so-sad right?


Potong stim already, I can't rant anymore.

So that concludes my angry-at-the-world stint for today :D Toodloo!


Blogger mooiness said...

Eh where's the bf's blog? I wanna go read. Damn kaypoh and bored. Wahaahah.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Yan said...

What I have to say regarding:

Michelle Leslie is a joke.

That blog sounds awfully familiar...

I need to get some work done too which is why this is so short. :p

Oh yeah, and Michelle Leslie is a joke.

P/s: Is Lex Lasry her lawyer? Isn't he Van's as well? Haven't been following her case ever since she 'declared' herself a Muslim... not worth frying my brain cells over as she's well, a joke.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Ally said...

mooiness: lol its a xanga, linked to her 'new' site if i'm not mistaken, his name's EWWWIIIK.

now i'm just being childish lol.

yan: erm, yeah i think i was mistaken about the lasry thing, must've been reading a van nguyen article before.

7:07 PM  

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