Saturday, August 12, 2006


am still feeling quite sick from too many drinks last night. i should really learn to eat dinner. not that i was planning to drink but um...yeah that plan just went down the drain.

captions under photos lah. lazy to write more than that, still trying to suppress the upchuck reflex.

pre clubbing camwhore session :D

wendy and me (note: big grin on face no doubt caused by half drunkedness, wendy on the other hand looks quite sober...)

lucky russell :D (L-R) janet, wendy, russell, me and vivien

me, russell and gavin. ack. i see the beginnings of a double chin already :(

russell and vivien. poor russell's been drinking non stop since he got here from the states hahaha

janet and me :)

janet, me and Calvin who just happened to be there and got pulled into the picture :D

wendy, janet and me. yup. am definitely half pissed in this photo.

okie dok am headed back to bed now. stomach is getting upset at me again :/


Anonymous aud said...

nice picture straightaway must put up la!:P

P/S: your boobs confirm bigger than mine la wtf

2:12 AM  
Blogger Ally said...

aud: hahah ur boyfriend said my blog boring what so put up pictures lor :D

lol they're not laaaaaa. camera just makes them look like it i guess? :P

2:57 PM  

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