Sunday, September 11, 2005

krispykrispykrispy kreme!

wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! in about an hour i shall have my krispy kremes and then i shall go into a sugar induced orgasm because they aree sooooo good. why can't we get them in melbourne? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!

anyway! huhu :P went for a haircut today and tried out this new garnier highlighting kit. didn't wanna spend 400 ringgit highlighting my hair back home and my sister was 'dying' to test it on someone.

got it from priceline for like 14 bucks. am quite happy with the results actually but my sister didn't highlight the back bits enough. hrm.

and in case u havent done the math, haircut + new highlights = cam whoring day. i'm vainnyyyy vainyyy vainnyy and also quite hyper :P

i thinkk i looveee youuu so what am i sooo afraid of

poofy hair. bah. guess i didnt blowdry it well enough?




Anonymous Justin said...

Eh they didn't turn out bad what. BF approves...well partially at least. Still haven't seen the back yet :P Get back to kl quick...:)

2:12 AM  

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